Adam Brooks

In 2006 I stumbled across the website It belongs to native Iowan Adam Brooks who journaled about his epic solo paddle trip on the Mississippi river. Adam paddled the full length of the river between the months of May and July. I expected your typical trip reports, but soon realized that he was paddling for reasons other than the adventure.

Adam’s site documents these 5 solo trips:

  • 2006 – Kayaking the Mississippi River
  • 2007 – Kayaking the Missouri River
  • 2008 – Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail
  • 2009 – Paddling the Yukon River
  • 2010 – Biking the Continental Divide Trail

Adam hasn’t scheduled any more trips since he move out of state. I check from time to time for inspiration and hoping to see another adventure posted. You can easily lose several hours reading his journal entries. They also make an excellent resource for someone setting out on one of these epic trips.